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Literary Cartographics

The beautiful map is the platform or springboard to geocultural understanding of the literary work.

Literary Cartographics are the apex of geography, art, technology, and the love of literature. Here we explore a growing list of literary works and their sense of place by mapping protagonists' peregrinations across a cartographic tableau—and then we provide clickable pop-up pages of photos, text, commentary, excerpts, links, and other content that detail a particular event and place in the story.


Our academic editors and reviewers guide our creative efforts to ensure these maps are fully vetted and are a respected primary source for students at the undergraduate level. Moreover, students and other viewers can best access the maps on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, but these interactive maps are not best viewed on a phone.

A note about the cartography: These maps are not GPS- or GIS-coordinated travel maps. We consider, for example, that Conrad's Heart of Darkness Africa requires a different geographic interpretation than Dickens's depiction of London, Joyce's Dublin, Twain's Mississippi, or Cooper's land of the Mohicans. We aim to only include geographic features that pertain to the author's era and setting. Thus, Cooper's upstate New York of 1757 includes rivers, lakes, and especially small-scale terrain since the characters are on horse and foot; the New York State Thruway highway system, for example, is not included.